Friday 12 December 2014

How to Activate a WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress themes is very straightforward. WordPress themes available for download from various places on the Internet are typically packaged in .zip files (i.e. Installing a WordPress theme involves nothing more than unzipping the .zip file into the appropriate directory of your WordPress installation, and activating the theme from your WordPress administration console.
Structure of a WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme needs three essential files in order to work correctly with the WordPress administration:

WordPress Directory Structure
Under the wp-content folder there is a folder called themes. Say I'm installing a theme for a recipe blog. recipe-blog/

This theme would normally be packaged in a .zip file. /WordPress/wp-content/themes/recipe-blog/

Activating a WordPress Theme
After I upload the theme to the correct directory, I can now go to my WordPress administration to activate it. After logging in to the WordPress admin section, I go to Appearances->Themes. I can see that my new theme is installed correctly and ready to be activated, because I can see it in under Available Themes on the Manage Themes page.

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