Monday 8 July 2013

How to recognize a nozzle defective, dirty or clogged fuel?

Fuel injector plays an important role in a vehicle fuel delivery system. It is the fuel pressure from the fuel pump, an electronic valve and spray the right amount evenly in the engine cylinder to facilitate the combustion. Unless of course needed quantities of fuel supplies to promptly, the engine can do a good performance. Therefore, a properly functioning fuel is very essential for the maximum performance of the engine and the fuel injector.

If it is dirty, clogged or damaged, this leads to other problems. You need to immediately save to other parts of the engine, instead of getting damaged. To do this, you must but a defective to identify fuel injector. The following are some signs that will help you to detect a defective, dirty or clogged fuel injector.

These characters can be approximately into two types - related motor and fuel, which are classified in relation with the.

Problems with the engine
• Startup problems - hesitates the car start. It is due to the delayed combustion. You have to turn off press the button several times, started the vehicle. Clogged fuel injectors disrupt the process of combustion and doubt in the engine of the cause.

• Combustion fails - if the injector does not function properly, or if it becomes clogged with debris, also does not provide any fuel to the engine. At this time the motor experience lack of strength and produces a misfire. Combustion dropouts can feel easy while driving and the problem be addressed immediately before other topics engine to reheat it and founded advancement of fuel mixture ignition.

• Sudden engine power - we have already discussed that irregular fuel will provide a clogged fuel injector. With such unbalanced flow is engine fluctuates between high and low RPM (revolutions per minute) and when it gets high fuel, it provides power to the power of sudden engine block.

• Rough engine idle - a faulty or bad fuel injector your concern not only on the road but also problems with the idle speed of your vehicle. Refers to combustion and experience a harsh or stuttering engine of vehicle idling. It also produces some strange noises.

Fuel problems
• Fuel leaks - if a fuel injector has cracks or breaks, leaks fuel in your body. Due to loss of your body the fuel does not reach the nozzle. Fuel, instead of as flows in the form of droplets in the spray engine cylinder. As a result, this engine bad drives efficiency.

• Restricted fuel flow - can a clogged fuel fuel injector pump continuously in the engine. This leads to the performance of restricted flow that adversely affect the combustion and engine.

• Strong fuel smells - a prominent sign of leaking injectors is the strong smell of gasoline from the vehicle. Along the way, you can easily smell it.

• Fuel economy poor - with external cracks reduces fuel consumption by fuel leaks. A fuel injector faulty, Quellen, excess of corrupt petrol stations inside which leads to poor gas mileage. Sometimes obstructs the also affect the mileage of the vehicle, which refers to the combustion efficiency of the engine.

• Increased emissions - clogged fuel injectors as mentioned above affect the efficiency of the combustion engine. Incomplete combustion directly emissions, poor combustion, higher hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide are used as is (CO) - emissions.

These characters look and be sure that you will respond as soon as possible.

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